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"What makes a good CTU agent? That depends. Members of Los Angeles CTU hail from a wide variety of backgrounds with as many different experiences. These differences give us our strength and our edge. And what bridges these differences, what brings us together under one roof, is our commitment to, love of, and respect for the way of life guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States of America.

             Another thing we have in common is that we are all expendable.

             I repeat: We are all expendable.

             Being a CTU agent is about not only giving your best every day under every imaginable circumstance, but also doing your best while knowing full well that you may never get any recognition for your contributions. Indeed, some of us may give our lives, and many before you have. Ego cannot be your motivation, nor can advancement. Your personal life, should you attempt to have one - and I strongly advise that you do not - will suffer. You will come to trust yourself alone, and when that truse falters, you too will falter.

              The regulations put forth in this manual are not a set of suggestions. They are to be followed unless circumstance dictates otherwise. That said, all situations are different, and you should let your good judgment be your guide. The last thing I want to convey to any agent of CTU is this message: "Do as I say, not as I do." I have worked in a variety of capacities for CTU, and I am the first to acknowledge that I have not always followed the rules. But I always willing, without a doubt, to accept the consequences that resulted from the choices I made. If you take it upon yourself to disregard CTU regulations and chain of command, be sure that you are willing to do the same.

              Good luck. This nation, its citizens, and its president are counting on you.




Former Special Agent in Charge

and Director of Field Operations

CTU Los Angeles Domestic Unit "

A Word From Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer
  • Former Special Agent In Charge for LA Domestic Unit
  • Former Director for LA Domestic Unit
  • Former Director of Field Operations for LA Domestic Unit
  • Former Department of Defense Advisor to Secretary of Defense Heller
  • Former President of the United States Operative
  • Former Covert Operations Operative
  • Former US Army Ranger
  • Former Case Officer for the CIA
  • Former Director of Field Operations for New York City CTU
  • Former Los Angeles SWAT Member
  • Former United States Special Ops Member, Delta Attachment Captain
  • US ARMY Training Instructor
  • Graduate of JFK School of Special Warfare, ARMY Ranger and Officer Candidate School
  • Received the Purple Heart, Special Forces Tab, Ranger Tab, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Armed Services Ribbon, Overseas Ribbon, Kuwaiti Liberation Medal

MLA Citation:

Kiernan, Denise, and Joseph D'Agnese. 24: The Official CTU Operations Manual. Philadelphia, PA: Quirk Books, 2007. 10. Print.

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